February 10, 2010

Macon AEOE Bookstore

Macon All Eyes on Egypt Bookstore, was once an oasis of Right Knowledge in Middle Georgia.  But now, its left in ruins.  The building looks like it's in a process of demolition and that alone wasn't completed.  I remember when Haru Hotep made it a beacon of a must place to visit.  I knew friends from Jacksonville Florida that would visit the bookstore prior heading to Tama-Re.  I mean Haru even had followers who we called Haruites.  And yet it proves that he was born to lead.  He continues 'till these day his spread of Nuwaubu and Right Knowledge.  His organization is now called Journey Home Group and have published over 50 something books.  He's following Dr. Malachi Z. York footsteps.  A Leader, Born.  and molded by Dr. Malachi Z. York.  He's even using Doc's writing format. 

I wonder why the other triad members didn't do the same.  Mentu took over the bookstore but didn't accomplish what Haru did.  Now the bookstore is no more and he took over the NY bookstore.  Hopefully he'll have better luck there. 

Now even Bun, another one of Doc student won't even mention Doc's name in his teachings.  Is he following the footsteps of Peter, who denied Jesus 3 times?

I believe this artwork was created by brother Larry.  He is so talented.

Inside the bookstore.  As you can see the back of building is no longer standing and is nothing but trash in here.  I just walked through the front door and this is what you see.

Artwork Mural in front of the used to be All Eyes On egypt bookstore

adjacent building to the bookstore.  This was used for storage of the books

All Eyes On Egypt Bookstore

side view of the bookstore


  1. I disagree with the Bun comment. Bun has made it clear many times that he walked with and was taught by Dr. York and the masters. (Refer to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oROx2GBLGzs)

    Dr. York told his students what to do when the day would come, when he would be at the devils mercy. Not to get caught up in him, yet stick to the doctrine. (Refer to Persecution of the leaders and Persecution of the righteous).

    Alot of Nuwaubians have become stagnant, and are not moving in accordance with nature, facts and sound reason.

    Alot have began to wait for someone to do something for them, for those who incarcerated Dr. York to free Dr. York and have began to grovel for some Gods somewhere to change our condition, this is backwards.

    The original doctrine taught us "The helping hand you are looking for is that end of your own arm". We were taught to play the chess game how to do the double cross, point in one direction and move in another.

    Many do not realize the key to our success is the doctrine we have been taught. The keys to the freedom of Dr. York is in the application of the doctrine.

    The doctrine is beyond name and form. Yet, the factual principles of life conveyed by existence. (Refer to The Holy Tablets and The Sayings Of Dr. Malachi Z. York)

    They fear, the seeds planet for out of these seeds can grow leaders as great as Dr. York and even greater than him especially with the children that are being born today. (Refer to Who was Marcus Garvey?)


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