February 08, 2010

York received unfair trial

I am so sick of people and so called x-Nuwaubians stating that Dr. Malachi Z. York is guilty. Even the very people that I know were close to him even believes that he is guilty of such crimes. My thoughts have always been the same, "DR. MALACHI Z. YORK DID NOT RECEIVED A FAIR TRIAL".  Wether he did it or not.  Dr. York DID NOT RECEIVE A FAIR TRIAL.  Must we explained it over and over again why this man did not receive a fair trial? Let's give a quick over view why we have always stated that Dr. Malachi Z. York did not received a fair trial.
  • The judge who ruled over this case "Judge C. Ashley Royal" was also the defense lawyer for a lawsuit that happenned years before the May 8th 2002 arrest of Dr. Malachi Z. York.  Royal lost a 30 million dollar lawsuit against one of Dr. York's wife, Faatima Richardson.  Richardson is the daughter who won this $30 million dollar lawsuit against one of Middle Georgia's hospital.  The hospital performed a surgery on her father and they left a sponge, which was the cause of his death. 
  • Judge Royal continued the hearing during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.  A National Federal holiday. 
  • Did I mentioned the HUNG JURY.  The only black person on the jury pool, who made a statement that she did not want to send an innocent man to jail.  After this statement the Judge had a talk with the jury?  WTF!!!
  • Dr. York also felt like he did not have adequate representation.  He felt there was a UGA conspiracy.  Every member of this trial was from UGA and therefore had a pack.
  • The main witness recanted her testimony.
  • Prosecution witness were caught lying.  and Macon Telegraph newspaper reported this incidents.
  • NO PHYSICAL Evidence
  • Character Assassination through media.  Prior to hearing, the media reports there were videos and pictures of the alledge criminal act.  But none surface the court room.  And if there were, you best believe that you should be able to find it on you tube.  Just like we found the illegal taping of the hearing when Dr. York "so called guilty plea".  You can tell the Dr. York was under due ress.  Any other time he was dressed sharp in suit but why was Dr. York in chain and dressed like a prisoner when pleading guilty?  
  • Constructive Closed Hearing after the Nuwaubians perssisted on keeping it open to the public.  The Judge Refuse.
  • NO DNA evidence.
  • Sheriff Sills conducted illegal interviews with Brunswick newspaper when he wasn't suppose to because he might influence possible jury candidates with his biassed opinions and hatred for Nuwaubians.  He was once quoted during a TV news interview and article that he will sue GOD if he have to.   So how can you swear in court to GOD if you yourself have no respect for GOD.  Thats the sheriff of Putnam county Georgia.
  • He's arrested as Dwight York, case of misnormer.
  • The arrest warrant was also sealed
  • Gosh everything about this case the government sealed from the beginning.  and they said it was for the protection of the children involve.  But yet there were no children who testified against Dr. Malachi Z. York.  But someone from the government side purposely leaked a video on YouTube where the names of these so called victims.
There are several videos that you can find about Dr. Malachi Z. York's case and it will clearly point out that Dr. York is a victim of COINTELPRO and he DID NOT RECEIVE A FAIR TRIAL! 
  • FBI agents and hundred of law enforcement officers raided the Nuwaubian village and video footage will show you that they took trucks after trucks loads of evidence off the land but only used five or more items during the hearing and one of them is stuff animal.
  • They took children off the land and had them interogate by Delaney Ward.  Who have no experience in interogating children.  And there were no one to represent them during this interogation or questioning.  What's really strange about this questioning is, THERE ARE NO RECORDS, NO AUDIO RECORDING WAS USED AND NO VIDEO RECORDING WAS USED.  and no one from DFCS Department of Family & Children Services were there.
It is clearly visible that this case was not about Child Molestaton or Racketering.  It is about the subdued of Dr. Malachi Z. York.  Because if this case was about protecting the health and welfare of Nuwaubian children, DFCS would have investigated the Nuwaubians since the first letter that Sheriff Sills received in 1997.  But yet no DFCS officials ever checked on the Nuwaubian childrens.  But Sills received this so called troubling letters five years prior to the arrest of Dr. Malachi Z. York. 

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