July 27, 2009

Who was Marcus Garvey?


In 1916 A.D., Marcus Garvey (HWON) stormed into the United States of America full of plans and ideas for Nubians (1)(Blacks) world wide. The people of his native country, Jamaica, West Indies were not yet ready for the mission he was to unfold. They were too caught up in discriminating amongst themselves in emulation of the British cast system. So he looked to America as the base of the first international movement to attempt to unify Nubian (black) people regardless to what nationallity they called their own.
Through his travels he saw that Nubians (blacks) in Europe, Panama, Costa Rica, the West Indies and the United States were all treated the same -- exploited and discriminated against. He realized the palce race (CT) did not regard the lives of blacks as equal to whites and they would never respect blacks or "negros" until they had their own. Marcus Garvey (HWON) stated that, "A race without authority and power is a race without respect."

During this time, the blackman had no sound means of supporting himself and had to rely totally on the whim of the pale man (CH) for their daily maintenance: he had not industry to create jobs, no ship for trade, no government to protect him, and his leaders taught him to continue to depend on the palce race (CT). To combat this, Marcus Garvey (HWON) created the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) with the goals of uniting all Nubians across the globe by creating a central nation for the entire race, assisting those who were needy, promoting a spirit of pride and love amongst themselves and establishing schools and universities to educate and provide the basic skills which were so desperately needed.

Marcus Garvey (HWON) taught Nubians to strive for their own in order to become economically stable and to develop a complete nation outside of the place man's (CH) where they would live of, for and by each other. The same goals the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission is accomplishing in this day and time.

Against opposition from all sides (both black and white) Marcus Garvey (HWON) worked endlessly towards this goal by way of his UNITED NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION for 26 years, untill he passed on in 1940 A.D. His slogan was "Africa for Africans". He was determined to return a place in Africa to all Nubian people in the form of great Pan-African empire, which would governed in unity.
1. We are known as Nubian, as we are the descendants of the Prophet Noah (PUBH) who was the father of Nuba, which is now called Nubia and located in North Africa.

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