August 23, 2009

Who was Ben York?

Ben York was the given name of the son of Yusuf Ben Ali, also called Abdullah Ibn Ali born 1756 - 1861 A.D. and a Washo Woman with a Moroccan Father name Warda Salim Idriys, Also known as "Rose" daughter of Sharufa Salim Idriys, of the Idrisid Dynasty, who were Moorish Malians, who cam with one of the many ships that sailed over here from Africa, by African navigators from Mali, riding the African tide, or currents. The Idrisid dynasty were the first arab rulers of the whole of Morocco. They were the descendants of Bilaal son of Rabah and Hamama, an Ethiopian Moor born 551-641 A.D. The Idrisid Held power in Morocco from 789 A.D. to 926 A.D. The Idrisid was succeeded by other dynasties, both red arab and red berber.

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