August 20, 2009

Nuwaubians Are Threatening My Life!

I never thought that someday I'll be blogging like this. And so I designed a website for All Eyes on Egypt Bookstore for the Milledgeville branch. The so called owner name is Ahmed. Who believes that he is the incarnation of "Muhammad". I designed the website for him and his wife, the project started last year of May. And Finally completed and uploaded the site around June. I didn't charge them anything for designing the sites. But I also didn't want to pay for their monthly hosting fee. So I charge them under $20 per month and billed them for it. He paid and everything was going great. 'Till their customers started calling and paypal started calling for undelivered items. He said that the books that he have online, he doesn't have on his inventory. So I asked him to send me their inventory listing. His response "Just copy everything from Bilha's website" which is

How the hek are you gonna have the same inventory as Bilha's. Especially if your problem is, your customers are not getting what they paid for! I couldn't figure out for nothing why Ahmed didn't want to give me his inventory list. That's not how you run a business. You suppose to purchase your inventory, stock them, and when demands calls for such product, you have it.

I realized by now that this is more work than what I anticipated. Because Ahmed didn't want to do any of the work. It would have been so much easier if he produced a database or print out of his available items. I updated his website as much as I could without Ahmed providing information. Then finally he gave me a list of CDs and DVDs that he reproduced himself. and added those. For an entire year no problem.

He called me up last June and said that he have someone to come down from New York to update his website and needed access to his control panel. Gave it to him. and everything is fine. He updated his website and everything seems to be going good. Then I get a call from this Maniac this weekend, threatening my life, my privacy, daughter and friend!

Apparently his website BANDWIDTH ran out! So I get all kinds of calls from Ahmed and his associates saying that I'm hi-jacking his website. THIS INCONSIDERATE BASTARD ACTUALLY THINKS THAT I'M FUCKING WITH HIS SITE ON PURPOSE. Then his dumb-ass web designer doens't know what's causing it. Or atleast that's what he tells Ahmed. I'll tell you what's causing it STUPID ASS AHMED!!!, your webdesigner is fucking with your webspace. He hosting files on your space YOU DUMB FUCKED!!!

I am so pissed off because he threatened me and my child! Worst of all this nigga goes to my house, take shit out of my mailbox and remove my label on my mailbox! And then his stupid ass call me and leave a message and tells me what he just did! HE LEFT A THREATENING LETTER ON MAILBOX! I'll will be posting all of the phone messages he left me. and the Threatening Letters.

You know, what I don't get is, he calls himself Nuwaubian, Sells Nuwaubian books and things, but then threaten me a Nuwaubian. But that nigga wouldn't dare mess with the people who locked his MASTER TEACHER, Dr. Malachi Z. York for 135 years.


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  1. Holy Tablet Chapter 10 Tablet 10 Verse 6 states: Nuwaubu is the science of sound right reasoning, and it's followers are the sons and daughters of sound right reason. 7. Belief is ignorance, Belief is to ignore the facts, intentionally or ignorantly. 8 Also Nuwaubu is Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and right Overstanding. 9. If one has to believe, it means he or she does not know, And if one does not know, that is ignorance. 10. Hence, belief is ignorance and religious without the facts is ignorance; 11. So demand that anyone attempting to impose their religious beliefs to produce the facts.
    We must remember that Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z. York first book was called "The Black Devil". So many Nuwaubian fooled me at first when I first met them in Hartford and Brooklyn NY. They won't produce any facts beyond a shadow of a doubt that Master Teacher is locked up, but will beg like the devil for your money. So don't be discouraged. I have heard that only nine true Nuwaubian's will be with him when this is over.
    Wado Brother


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