September 19, 2010

More About Nuwaubians.

Dr. Malachi Z. York is led out of federal court in Macon in April 2004 after his sentencing

Front view of the building owned by Dr. Malachi Z. York in Athens, confiscated by the Federal government, located on Broad Steet.

Nuwaubian members move a pyramid out of the closed Egyptian-themed building the sect had owned on West Broad Street in 2005

Dr. Malachi Z. York once owned this mansion off Timothy Road in Athens, Georgia. It was seized and auctioned off by the government in 1999.

Anthony Montgomery, a Nuwaubian member and former Clarke County deputy, is cross-examined during a personnel hearing in 2007. Montgomery was one of four deputies fired in 2006 for promoting their beliefs in violation of jail policy. One of the deputies has returned to work after a successful appeal.  Anthony Montgomery is believe by many Nuwauians as an FBI informant who till day helps to infiltrate the control of the organization.

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