December 07, 2010

Yamasse Native American Moors Letter of Intent

December 2, 1999 Letter of Intent 

Ques:  What is a LETTER OF INTENT?
Ans:  This notice is published in the exercise of authority delegated by the Secretary of the Interior to the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs by 209 DM 8.

Pursuant to 25 CFR 83.9(a) notice is hereby given that the following groups have each filed a letter of intent to petition for acknowledgement by the Secretary of the Interior that the group exists as an Indian tribe.  Each letter of intent was received by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) on the date indicated, and was signed by members of the group's governing body.

The biggest question here is why Judge C. Ashley Royal or the Middle District Court or the Federal court didn't recognized Dr. Malachi Z. York as a Native American.  When it clearly shows that he was in a process of having his tribe recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Even if the paper work wasn't complete... they the court, the judge, and media, ignored that Dr. York was standing on grounds as a Yamassee Native American Moor.  

But what cointelpro agents wants you to believe is that Dr. Malachi York is giving up his indigenous rights and considering himself as an African citizen.  

Nuwaubians should not forget that their beloved master teacher was kidnapped, tortured, falsely incarcerated and not being recognized as what he stated he is, A NATIVE AMERICAN CHIEF.    Nuwaubians should not forget that they were given 7 days to evacuate their land and that the Settlers used the same tactics in the inquisition to charged Dr. York with heinous crimes but what they really wanted was the 476 acres of land that the US government forfeited. 

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