December 19, 2010

Nuwaubians back in the days

These were the days I misses.  These were the days where there were plenty of love and peace in the community of Nuwaubians.  I don't know how we lost it all.

Tent city on the land.

procession of Isis. That was when the sisters were wearing long, colorful, beautiful dresses.  You don't see that anymore.

Look at the love.  Where did it go?

Yasmine, and Hannah from London 

is that Jamilah?  Hagar's Mother?

Vendors on the land.

Representing the school of AMOM with their crimson Fez

taking photos of Imhotep temple

Procession of the brothers from the Black Light

Isis site

Isis ceremony at the Isis site.

Hagar Wood and Umi Samara.

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