January 14, 2011

The Messiah Story

During a visit from a client of mine today, she mentioned a documentary regarding the Secret Service Organization.  Which triggered a story that Dr. Malachi Z. York once told us women in a van.  Dr. York, often take the women out to eat.  And one day we were having conversation about his book entitled "The Gold Diggers."  If you haven't had a chance to read this book, get your hands on a copy and read it for yourself.  It is a very good book to read, especially for us women.  But anyway he told us of a story, the goes...

The U.S. Secret Service wanted to control the world or save the world problems.  And they came up with a solution.  The solution is to take seven children from different countries and to raise them in a secured and hidden location.  And that the chosen child will be used as the long awaited Messiah, that the world has been waiting for for.  The Secret Service was going to use the latest technology to make it seems like this so called "Messiah" that they created and raised and control, would appear to perform miracles.  Using the technology to trick the world that this Messiah is the chosen one, The Secret Service will be able to control the world.

These children will be raised and heavily educated in every form of education.  They will be taught science, religions, politics, etc.  They will also be taught several different languages, martials and all.  But as time pass by one of the children shows very good signs.  For this one particular boy seems to pick up lessons a lot faster and better than the other children.  The Secret Service made their decision on who out of these 7 children is going to be their Messiah.

But as they prepare for the stage for the "Messiah", and all eyes on him, the television network, and people around the world watches and waiting for his arrival and entrance.  The Messiah walked on the stage, levitated in front of millions.  The Secret Service was confused, because they didn't expect this act to happened.  and as the Messiah turned to them and spoke... he said "Thank You for Making my Job Easier."

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