January 11, 2011

Sayings of Dr. Malachi Z. York

Excerpt from Dr. Malachi Z. York's book  entitled "Sayings of Dr. Malachi Z. York"

164.  Land is a gift from El Eloh to woman; and the sea to man; and the air they both share, but the heavens will always remain his.  So how we act while using the air and the land and the sea, will determine if he'll ever give us the gift of the heavens."  

I wanted to share the passage above to everyone.  I thought it was a good one, for it touch me and cause to change my habits when it comes to our mother Earth.  Humans continue to live day to day and many not caring the conditions of the earth.  Birds are dropping dead and the fish of the oceans.  Aren't these enough signs to show that we must do more to take care of our beloved mother nature.  Nuwaubians must all take part of recycling, and other ways to show that we care about our planet.  How are we to make it Nibiru, if we dont' do nothing about the conditions of our world.

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