January 11, 2011


As Nuwaubians, we all must strive to stay away from negativity and negative people.  I received a call from a Sista today, whom I haven't heard from a while.  She's an Ansaar.  You would think Ansaars would be or should be more wiser than many of us, for the simple reason of, they have been with Dr. York a lot longer than many of us.  I entered the doctrine during the period of Right Knowledge.

Anyway, everytime I hear from her, she always have something negative to say about the administration, and other Nuwaubian family members.  And this time she even talked about the brotherhood, how they are all gays and she talked about Hagar and the situation with her daughter and brother Shahud, which I'm not going to dwell in because I really don't know the facts.

I usually don't entertain her but I just felt like I just had to say something to shut her up and nipped it on the bud this time.  I told her that Nuwaubu, has so much more to offer.  Although Nuwaubians are undergoing a major change and tribulations, as a Nuwaubians, you shouldn't reflect on the negativity.  Because I for one, I can remember more good times than bad.  I can remember more good people than bad.

I remember the times when we (Florida Tabernacle) drove in packs to visit Tama-Re.  I remember the open hearted Nuwaubian family members  who opened their doors in Eatonton GA and allowed us to rest in their house prior to entering Tama-Re, which was brother Kawi (who passed during 2000 Ball) and his wife.

I remember Savior's Week, where you saw nothing but love and smiles.  We should all focus on the good things and good memories and make more good times and good memories.

I hear so many Nuwaubians now saying that "Oh I'm NOT with those people anymore." or "I'm NOT a Nuwaubian, Nuwaupian, or whatever."   I refer to these people as Peter-ites.  Just as Peter denied Jesus while he was being persecuted.  A lot of these so called Peter-ites all once wore proudly their fezes, tarbushes, and Nuwaubians Tshirts, propigating Nuwaubian doctrines and now that the white man has "corrupted" the term Nuwaubian, you don't want to associate with it anymore.  Even Haru-Hotep, one of Dr. York triad member, you can hear him in his many lectures, saying that, we don't call our selves Nuwaubians because of such and such ..., another Peter-ites.

As Dr. York once said that the amount of people that are going to be with him in the end will fit in a station wagon.

Don't let the media define who you are.  You are Nuwaubian, and be proud of it!  For there are no other group of people in this world have a doctrine so powerful that it touches the minds and hearts of people around the world.  "Ye are gods and children of the Most High."

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  1. I've visited Tam Re in 1997, I was 18 yrs old. I'm now 33. I want so badly to go home. Thr truth is calling me. I'm want to find my way back


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