August 27, 2010

Peaceful Protest on Capitol Hill

Nefu Amun Hotep, and Dr. York's niece Faatima were among the few who spoke on behalf of Dr. Malachi Z. York on Capitol Hill, in front of the White House.  The Peaceful Protest is about the violations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Federal Holiday, Judge C. Ashley Royal continue to hold the hearing during this most sacred Holiday.  Watch the recorded live footage below.

I just don't know what's up with the high pitch sound during Nefu's speaking.  Did someone deliberately ruined her moment.  The high pitch sounds just gave me a headache.  But this is the only site I saw anything regarding the event.  If it wasn't for Saada on facebook sharing the link... we would not have any footage at all.  I expected more from the press.  Maybe we'll hear something later on this evening.

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