December 18, 2009

Question: What is the meaning of the word clone?

65.  The word clone is from the Greek klon, meaning "twig".  Yet, is used in the scientific community as to make multiple identical copies of a DNA sequence.

66.  They prefer to use the word clone without giving you the definition.  They give you the above definition, because twig would reveal that the root of the word clone, "twig" is more related to grafting than breeding, as in the case of plants and fruits and even animals.

67.  They grafted a tangarine and peach to make a nectarine, or in the case of when the botanists wants to change the color of a plant they will graft twigs together and in the fourth generation create from a red the extreme which will be the albino white, then combine the two to create a spotted leper and then a pink plant.

68.  The principle also was used on humans.  Some were with Gibbons, and some with Baboons resulting in various species of the human race with different natures.

69.  some are born with the instincts to kill.

70.  The results are, some humans are herbivores and carnivorous.

71.  Some kill for the pleasure of it called serial killers, others for food called hunters and even some have a taste for human flesh called cannibals.

72.  As in 2Kings 6:28-29 and where Israelite women are boiling and eating their kids and Leviticus 26:29 where they are told to eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.

73.  These varying natures in humans, which result in mental disturbances to insanity, are a results of genetic tampering and crossbreeding with animals and reptilians.

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