December 18, 2009

Question: Could you explain further?

61.  Kane, the simplest form of animals range from one-celled protozoa to animals with a backbone.

62.  Western world scientists today are in the process of cloning and have successfully cloned sheep and mice.  A science that the ancient Tama-Reans and Sumerians had many thousands of years ago.

63.  Today, they are finally becoming able to clone a full grown sheep which means that they are able to clone full grown adults, as well as the re-growth of bones, tissues, and the likes.  As in ancient time, keloiding was a process of limb growth or regeneration.

64.  The cloning of the adult sheep was done by Dr. Ron James, managing director of Ppl therapeutics at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh United Kingdom.

Dr. Ron James and Dr. Ian Wilmut
with some of the sheep cloned at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute.

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