December 04, 2009

The Movie 2012

Another end of the world movie where the president is "African American". Is it me or it seems like majority of the "End of the World" movies seems to always have an African American President?

Danny Glover plays the president role in the Moview 2012. due to earth's crust destablelizing, the humans are going to experience major natural catostrophe, that no human being can survive if you're on land. They build massive ships and only 400,000 people out of billions of the world population will be saved. And ofcourse unless you are super rich, you can afford the ticket.

Through the magic of the movie, the survivors was able to manage inside the ships that the 46 nations funded. But I still don't see how they survive. They would have to survive the ocean waves and the ships would have to have the capability to withstand monstreous super waves and tsunami waves. and the ships didn't seems to have the capability of submarines although they weren't built as your typical ships.

It was still an interesting and very entertaining movie. and I love the special effects.

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