December 17, 2009

Question: So what about God?

76.  If these scientific facts are true, and they have been true, then the religious concept of creationis wrong, and you don't need their kind of god to create.

77.  President Bill Clinton had banned cloning, which led private business to fund these projects.

78.  Researchers in Scotland have developed a technique for cloning unlimited numbers of genetically indistinguishable sheep.

79.  Only five identical lambs have been created so far, and three died in the first days of life.

80.  But scientists said the success could open the door to mass production of gene-altered animals with desirable traits, such as sheep with better wool or pigs with humanized organs suitable for transplantation into people.

81.  Researchers said that the technique could also be used to clone human embryos.

82.  However this was banned by President Clinton.

83.  Some scientists, namely Keith H.S. Campbell, Ian Wilmut and their colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh describe their approach to cloning animals.

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