December 05, 2009

Dr. Malachi Z. York's books

After five years living and working on the land, I felt it was time to go. One of my main reason of moving was, I wanted a better educational system for my daughter. I was thinking of my daughter's future. I've seen sister moved out and get put out the land. It broke my heart to see 'em go. Especially those I've gotten to know over the years. There are many reasons contributed for making my decision to move out. But overall, I really felt that I've grown and was ready to face the world.

Doc use to tell us that Nuwaubians or Nuwaupians choose this lifestyle because the world failed them or they failed the world. I have to put myself in that bracket. Doc gave me the knowledge and confidence that I can now survive it with ease and excitement and determination fueled my quest. But I needed one final push and Doc made it possible.

I felt like I was betraying him so I decided to leave while he was away. Not knowing that he would return and see me packed and waiting for a ride out the pylon with tears. Ofcourse there was drama when I left. Gwen went through my things and decided that they are going to keep my laptop and diary to make sure I'm not an FBI agent. I felt betrayed, how could have she thought that. Other sisters took all of my pictures with Doc. They really meant a lot to me, as if they were taking my memories. They even went as bold as taking all of my books my Nuwaubian books that I purchased and had with me prior to moving on the land. They took my batla nubis, nuwaubian dresses, that meant dearly because they were given to me on special occassions by Doc. I was upset. I swore I was going to call Sills on them. I was mad. I was furious. When Doc returned he demanded that they return my belongings. Zubaydah was walking towards me carrying my gowns and dresses they confiscated. I was furious, just wanted to leave and anger filled my chest. I don't know how i managed to cope at that moment but now I can't barely recall what happend afterwards.

And so I decided to re-start my collection of books by Dr. Malachi Z. York. and surely there were Nuwaubians or people like me that lost their books and wanted their collection or start their collection and I embark on a mission to have these books available to everyone. I started out the the Supreme Mathematics Series:
  1. Man from Planet Rizq
  2. Melanin-ite Children
  3. Are There Black Devils?
  4. Science of Creation
  5. Shamballah & Aghaarta
  6. The Wisemen
  7. Extraterrestrials And Creation
  8. Humans were created From ....

These books are now available for purchase on my ebay store...

I felt it was necessary to include the Right Knowledge Series below

  1. What is Nuwaupu?
  2. Breaking the Spell on Blacks
  3. Our True Roots
  4. Right Knowledge

But now I face oppossition. There are certain individual like Anthony Montgomery, who do not want these books out because I'm the one whose putting them out and making them available. They even go as far as having meeting about me stating that I'm changing the doctrine or manipulating the information in the books. I assure you, and ANU, the Most High, knows that is UNTRUE. FALSE ACCUSATIONS. But thats what disagreeable does. They do their job. and they don't want RIGHT KNOWLEDGE INFORMATION out.

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