December 20, 2009

Watching 9/11 on the History Channel

People inside the world trade center are calling 911 and the 911 opertator is telling them to " JUST SIT TIGHT AND DON'T GO ANYWHERE"  repeatedly.  What the fuck!!!.  the building is on fire and the 911 operator tells them not go no where and just sit tight!.  Just horible!  Just horible!  this is the second time this year of me watching this.  and I still don't see why there are still people living in NY city after this horendous event!

And whats more disturbing is, it took 45 minutes before President Bush to make a statement.  There are so many conspiracy theories regarding this monumental day.  There are so many people believes that its a government conspiracy and an inside job.  I wonder for what purpose. 

The worst part is, the US government blames "Al Qaida" and "Bin Laden" but yet, they can find water on planet Mars but can't find Bin Laden. 

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