September 22, 2009

I can't believe my Ears!!!

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This past Sunday, I heard something my ears just couldn't believe. Not 'till I replayed it over and over again. Every Sunday Nuwaupian members holds telephone conference. This past Sunday the host or teacher of the conference announced that everything that Dr. Malachi Z. York have been teaching is the past 30 years is "WRONG"? WHAAAATTTT!!!!!!

A member of host panel. I will be posting the audio recording on this blog sooner than you think.

On Sundays, around 8:00 pm 'till 1:00 am, Nuwaupian members hold a telephone conference, or what they consider "QUESTIONS & ANSWERS" forum. Mentu Hotep often heads this forum. He was present on this forum. Not only he promotes this "WRONG KNOWLEDGE" he backs it up by saying that the Holy Tablets MUST BE PUT DOWN.

The Holy Tablets went from "It need to be re-printed, to It Need to be Revised, to Don't Read It, It's Outdated Information.

A friend of mind who lives in Athens, used to work with Dr. Malachi Z. York personally and who helped formed many of the Nuwaubians scrolls, told me that, the reason why all this is going on with the Holy Tablets is because people are trying to make money of it.

So you mean to tell me that because people are using the Holy Tablets to make money, by photo copying it or making digital copy of it available or what soever, is the reason why we negate our very own HOLY SCRIPTURES, supoosed to be divinely inspired? I am not religious at all. NOT AT ALL. Maybe spiritual, yes, spiritual. Religious, NO!

From what I can recall, correct me if I'm wrong... that during Dr. Malachi Z. York's legal hearing in Putnam County after his arrest on May 8th, 2002, Taharka comes out of the courthouse and said "I can't believe what the judge just said. The Judge said, If you (Dr. Malachi Z. York) tell everyone what you have been teaching is "WRONG" and lies, I will let you go FREE.

Must I say more...

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  1. I like you, am a spiritual person. Religion is propaganda fodder in essence. Kewl to interact with people but far from a necessity.

    I have read some, not all of (will restart that later) Dr. Malachi Z. York work and other writings on Nuwaupian... I believe one should be able to challenge the workings of any teacher(s) because the "Truth" is never as easy as opening or locking a door. The mechanics of the operation must be justified. I would love to hear what was stated at the conference in depth for a fair analysis.

    I truly feel the Nuwaupian movement but could it be that the adjustments stated at the conference are designed to cater to a modern audience? If so than I understand your anguish. Purity is key. But should not be left unchallenged either.

    Also if possible obtain court records and find the statement your friend indicated the Judge made. That's a powerful accusation against a legal system that's supposedly "Blind".

    Even though some of the beliefs of Nuwaupian are still out of reach for me, I do admire what was attempted by Dr. York (This is by no means a support for him or condemnation because I have no clue why he admitted anything at least that's what I gather. If Im innocent? I profess that till they fry my ass. Period. This is just my interest in the movement).

    I find your photographs enthralling-inspiring. TamaRe should have been saved. It was a beautiful cultural outlet. But that's neither here nor there.


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