April 09, 2010

Jesus Found in Egipt

Jesus Found In EgiptThis book is one of Dr. Malachi Z. York's best book.  It covers so much and gives light to the real life of Jesus and the role that Ancient Egypt played in the bible.  Inside you will the true immaculate conception story.  The true story behind the blessed mother Mary and how the  over 10,000 years old story of Haru, Horus and Isis or Auset.

This book explains where the stories in the bible really originated from.  From Noah's flood, to the order of Melchizedek who Jesus belongs and actually was a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.  I couldn't believe that I actually found it available on amazon.com

Anyway to get a copy of this book visit the link below.

Again this book is entitled Jesus Found In Egipt.  And notice the word "Egipt" is spelled with an "i" instead of the "y".  You will also find the reason for the "i" instead of the "y".

Get your copy today and be sure because I know for a fact this book is no longer in print and only a few in circulation.

And Yes, this book is written by Dr. Malachi Z. York

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