March 02, 2011

Takshaka Malik, King of Naga Serpents

We are not under the spell.  We know who you are.  We know you want to be the king (Malik).  A good friend shared something to me and I want to share it to you all.  According to The Sacred Records of Atum-Re, (the original, not the one "they" revised)  on page 313, lets you know who is Takshaka Malik,  as it states:

"146.  Yes the Dogons called them Nommos, the Yoruba referred to them as Olukun, the Pygmies in Africa referred to them as Ogrigwabibikwa, the dwarfs who changed into reptiles, the Greeks used Dercito, for fishtail humans, the Mesopotamians use Dagan, half man half fish, the East Indians say Takshaka, king of Naga serpents.  "

there it is, what more can I say.  Doc always say pay attention to their names.  Only fools duck when the truth is thrown at them.

Takshaka Malik, King of the Naga Serpents 
We always knew it was a Luciferian Conspiracy.  These Reptilians wants to eat you.  Now ask yourself why did his bookstore got burnt?  Why the bookstore in Brooklyn got hit with the tornadoes in 2010.  Why is Poolite (Paul Light) wants to be the leader and self proclaim leader of the Nuwaubians?, Don't you remember he was involve in a shooting in NY bookstore?  Wasn't he the one who shot another Nuwaubian member?  Watch who you follow, pay attention to the people thats so called leading you.  We don't need no leader,we are GODS and children of the Most High.  

Dr. Malachi Z. York always stated that he took mere mortals and turned them into GODS.

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  1. This is such foolishness, do you have any idea who this brother is? Your reasoning is so weak and flimsy it's laughable. You obviously have a personal vendetta against our brother and used this nonsense to justify it. If you're going to make such grand judgements back them up better than this


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