April 30, 2011

P only exists in the Devil's Languages

"No language in which the scriptures were originally revealed contains the letter "P".  Arabic, Hebrew, or Aramaic have no equivalent for the letter "P".  It only exists in the Devil's languages and modern Arabic.  

It's only since the era of the oil shaykh, who lives in the image of the Beast, has a "P" been introduced.  Look at the words which begin with the letter "P".

Poison, Pig, Prison, President, Politics, Principalities of darkness."

excerpt from the book
Part 2 of 4
page 784-785

I had to revised this post.  I didn't want to give my reason for posting this particular blog.  My mind tells me so.  There has been a major change in the Nuwaubian's language, as many will notice, that the "B" has been change to "P" in many cases and thus the change in the tones.  I had posted about this topic before and after reading this particular book 666 Leviathan, I ran into this info again.  And this book was published just right before Dr. Malachi Z. York was imprisoned.

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