March 02, 2012

Holy Tablets ebook by Dr. Malachi Z. York

After much hard work, The Holy Tablet, digital download is finally complete.  Now you can purchase the Holy Tablet as an ebook and read it on your Nook, Kindle, Iphone, Android Phone or your computer.    The video above shows you how the ebook looks on your computer screen. 

The Holy Tablet ebook, was scanned using high resolution to keep it looking nice and crisp on screen.  and Yes, folks, its printable.  So if you want a hardcopy of your ebook, simply print the, over 1700 page if you dare.  That's a lot of ink or toner.

Anway get your download at


  1. E-books

    eBook publishing, often called electronic publishing, refers to the distribution of digital books. Usually, eBooks are generated and read via the Internet. Historically, though, electronic publishing refers to the issuing of reading materials in any electronic form — over a network connection or otherwise.

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