October 10, 2013

For the love of Egypt, Rihanna

Rihanna honored her late grandmother with this chest tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis. "Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart," she wrote.

Rihanna posted this photo on June 16, 2012, to show off her Egyptian falcon tattoo, which covered up a musical note that once decorated her ankle. "Back in the day, they would carve into the walls and they would carve a falcon," explained RiRi, "because they didn't have another way of saying a king in the sky."

Rihanna went Arabic for the tat on her left ribcage. It reportedly translates to "freedom in God."

Rihanna reveals her Nefertiti design in a photo shot by Terry Richardson.


  1. beautiful as we see rihanna coming into the sacred order who knows if she been initiated into mother ashet,aset isis schools and reading nuwuapian scrolls as i heard chris brown does

  2. Nuwaupian scrolls?? This religion just stated in the 90s..who penned the scrolls, Dr. Malachi when he was on his space ship flying here from Rizq? Y'all stuck on stupid and waiting for dumb. Religious folks never cease to amaze me. Rihanna a model for future generations? Really? She's a slut, sings about Sadomasochism and ya'll say this is model behavior? Are you insane!?

  3. The image on her chest is not the image of Goddess Aset/Isis its Maat and the two shouldn't be confused. Maat is the Goddess of justice and righteousness and depicted as a scale that weighs your heart on one side and a feather on the other. ASET/ISIS is a whole different deity.

  4. Yes that is totally right. Two diffriend deity's...
    Ma'at is all and nothing, the most respected deity of all time in the egyptian history...

  5. Yes that is right. They Are two diffriend deity's...
    Ma'at is all and nothing. The most respected deity of all time in egyptian history...


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