May 30, 2011

Incomplete Projects

Last year, I started a book entitled "A Nuwaubian Memoir".  It was 90% complete.  I started this project because I was really inspired by brother Karaam who is a fellow Nuwaubian and has published several books.  His books are listed on 

Malachi & I by Marvin Ellis

There are other Nuwaubians that also published books such as Haru Hotep.  I think he published over 40-50 books about Nuwaubian doctrine or he's interpretation of Nuwaubu.  Anyway, I decided to take time to complete my book.  The book will mainly feature alot of my photos that I've taken.  and will include a lot of my personal photos.  There's probably going to be hundreds of photos in the book and will be more than likely about 150-200 pages.  Because I've completed just about 90 pages so far.  I might not do 200 pages because I do want to come out with a 2nd version. 

Hopefully we will see more and more Nuwaubians publishing their books.

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