May 25, 2011

To Be or Not To Be

A sista from Philly called me today.  This is the 2nd time of her calling.  She called because she said she's afraid.  She told me that she once followed Dr. Malachi Z. York and was an advent reader of his books, what many calls his scrolls.  She admitted that she had step off RIGHT KNOWLEDGE and look away from the doctrine and Dr. York's teachings.  But now because of all the things she's watching on the news, she tells me that she's afraid.  She continues to tell me that the things that Doc has mentioned before and the things that she have read in his books are coming past and how everyone is talking about Nibiru and the "End of the World" stuff. 

I told her if she was really an advent reader of Dr. York's books, then she has nothing to fear.  and that fear itself is a disease that will eat from the inside.  and that if she really knew of the Dr. York's teachings, she should CELEBRATE.  She ask, why?  The things that are happening in the world today, according to Doc's are signs of time, and that time is YOURS.  We are now in the Sun Cycle and that she should not fear it, but embrace it.

I remember Doc once told me that humanity needs religions because they fear death.  And that humans just doesn't want to accept that death is simply part of the cycle of life.  I remember him saying that, you have eaten nature and have killed to survived.  But yet, you don't want to return to nature from whence you came from and give back.  It was then I realized, that it isn't fair to cremate a dead person's body,  wouldn't be better to offer yourself to mother nature as mother nature have provided for you all your life.

Anyway, the sista continues to tell me why she's afraid.  This past Sunday, the state of Missouri was hit by a tornado. From my last research about the news, it was reported that 89 people perished during this tantrum of mother nature.  Again, I told the sista, not to be afraid. I told her she shouldn't HAVE NO FEAR.  Again, those are just signs.  and its not the end of the world.  According to Doc, the end of the world is different for everybody.  And that the end of the world to you, is when you die.  You can be killed in a car accident and die.  But if she wasn't affected by Missouri incident, she should just be thankful, that the Most High have provided another safe day.  I told her that a lot of bad things are happening in the world we lived in right now.  But there are still much more goodness in it.  And that she should embrace that and her time with her family.  I told her that the things that are happening in this world today, are also a product of humans greed.  As a wise Mayan man once told me, that some people have a thirst that's unquenchable, meaning some people just don't get enough.  I asked her what was she doing to counter act this so called global warming.  I remember Doc breaking down the word "MANIFESTATION".  He said it really means is man-infestion.  Mother nature see's humanity as an infestation and she is trying to shake us off her back, by having all of these natural disasters.  Have we forgotten what was Adam's duty hear on earth.  He was the caretaker of this planet and all the species that lives in it.  But look at what humans are doing to the plants and animals.  We have polluted the air, sea and land.  What can you do to counter-act this bad habits of ours. 

I currently support organizations that plant trees in neighborhood that needs them and neighborhood that's been affected by natural disasters.  I use energy efficient light bulbs.  I ride a bicycle instead of cars as much as I can.  I recently purchased a gas powered bicycle that can hold 1/2 gallon gas tank which last me over 150 miles per 1/2 gallon of gas.  and It drives up to 35 mph.  We recently purchased a few acres of land in Georgia and erected DOMES SHELTERS.  These dome shelters, are earthquake proof, hurricane proof and can withstands up to 200 miles an hour wind, meaning they might just be able to survive tornadoes.  Purchased solar power equipments.  but anyway I can keep going and going... What I'm trying to say is, we can take steps for a better future and change the course of our history into something agreeable. 

I remember reading a verse in the Holy Tablet, it says, that the plants and animals will speak on our behalf.

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