July 18, 2011

What is it about emotions?

Question:  Someone mentioned earlier about being so emotional, what is it about emotions?

Ans:  Humim to Humin emotions are going to be the death of them.  Because you are emotional beings, you don't usually think before you act or react.  You let your emotions guide you.  I explained to you before that you are governed by three main emotions and those are SEX, comfort conscious, ANGER, wars and taking what's mine; which in most cases isn't rightfully yours, GLUTONY - stuff yourself until your sick, GREED, and always taking more than what you need.  And these three emotions, as I said previously, will be the death of you.  These three make up your own personal Trinity called 1.Me, 2.Myself 3.and I.

Ques:  In the book "Are There Extraterrestrials In Your Midst", you said that Extraterrestrials, namely Greys, want our emotions.  Why, if it is emotions that is destroying us? 

Ans:  Because they don't have any emotions therefore they desire to have it, and don't know what comes with it.  Love, Hate, Jealousy, Greed, etc...

the above is from the book entitled " Spiritual Debates with Malachizodoq" for AMOM pt2" by Dr. Malachi Z. York on page 24.  This is the book I read today.   As part 1, this book doesn't have a lot of pages but plenty of DNA explosive information, surely will awaken the sleeping mummy.

From Ignorance Into Intellect
Q&A with Malachizodoq for AMOM
Part 2

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