February 25, 2011

Jury Finds York Guilty

Jury Finds York Guilty
This is a newspaper clipping of January 24, 2004 

What they don't tell you in these articles that there was a hung jury.  And the judge enter the chamber, and the judge probably scared the black lady (the jury) and when he came out of the chamber the "guilty" verdict was placed over the Hung Jury.

These are my newspaper clippings I have saved and sharing to the world.  If you would like to share your clippings and maybe helpful to people who are working on Doc's case or research, email your digital copy to me at aeoebookstore@gmail.com. 

Notes:  I take digital pictures of my newspaper clippings, as sometimes too large to scan on my scanner.  and I take my images outside to get a clearer and brighter photo. 

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