February 01, 2011

Knowledgeable but Dumb as hek!

Is it me or does it seems like Nuwaubian Men are knowledgeable but dumb as hell?  First and foremost, this is not pointing all of the Nuwaubian men or brothers.  But I've been in Right Knowledge since 1995.  And I've met a lot of brothers and sisters.  There are very few Nuwaubian families.  And majority of them are from the ansaars.  Maybe back them it was more family oriented than it is now.  But anyway, it seems like brothers' just want to sound deep.  It must be an ego thing.  There are just a bunch of talk!  They have knowledge, but lack wisdom.  They talk about white men this, and white man that.  But they don't set good examples for their children.  Seriously, how many brothers you know right now, that are Nuwaubians, got kids by Nuwaubians and they're not in the same household as their children. 

Anyway... I just want to point out that... having knowledge does not make one WISE!

I don't want to go anyfurther... because you know me... I'll start dishing names out there.  

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