May 26, 2014

Have they really figured out how pyramid were built?

By now, you probably have seen articles, news clippings on how scientists supposedly had figured out how pyramids were built?  But just like all of their other theories, its just a theory.  Most people only familiar with the pyramids of Giza plateau.   But there are actually many pyramids in Egypt but are not cared for like the Giza pyramids.

locations of pyramids in Egypt

A good example is the pyramid on top of a mountain in Abu Rowash.
This pyramid sits on top of a mountain.  
Clearly debunks the idea of or theory, that ancient egyptians, wet the sand and hauled perfectly cut stones and built pyramids.  

What's really interesting about the pyramid in Abu Rowash is, is open to the sky.
No booth, no guards, and forgotten.

Stones found in Abu Rowash are sometimes, concave and polish. Did the ancient Egyptians had machinery to form such stone into this manner?  (reminds me of a site in South America also built on top of a mountain)

cylinder shape hole. ( is this man made of machinemade?)
why is it so hard to believe that Ancient Egyptians have their sophisticated technology and engineering beyond our understanding.  and that they are not some "rope pulling"  people. 

to learn more about this, there's a video documentary onNetflix entitled Pyramid Code.
It speaks about ancient Egypt and Egyptians, and how modern archaeologists don't know jack shit. and what Dr. Malachi Z. York have been saying for years, that they hide this information by renovating sites. 

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