May 11, 2014

My Hall of Knowledge

Visited a friend today to see which books she was willing to let go for the right price.  and I was happy with what I walked away with.  I know we all feel that our stash of books are a treasure trove but sometimes we take them for granted and just simply tuck them away in a box inside a closet or so.  While some individuals who doesn't have any easy access to them, are willing to pay hefty price to have them in their hall of knowledge. I'm happy that I inspired her to organize her books and give them the royal treatments.

Although my collection is ever growing, I wouldn't mind at all to get my hands on a few more scrolls.  Anyway here's a glimpse of how I stash my books.

one of my bookshelves containing my scrolls by Dr.  Malachi Z. York

acrylic containers, I found at Walmart are perfect for those pocket size scrolls

These yellow magazine racks from Target, only cost $1 each are perfect for my medium size books and  the larger size books that are about 8x10. As you can probably see by these images, my books are individually wrapped in non-acidic, self sealed plastic, to help take care of my collection.  and I only seal them once I've completely read each book.

Three ring binders and sheet protectors are awesome way to organize you scrolls also. 

Here's my bulletin collection in a three ring binder and sheet protectors. 

individually sealed books by Dr. Malachi Z. York

Hope this post, will help you or give you ideas on how you care for your Hall of Knowledge. and if you have any ideas, tips, or tricks.  Let me know.  Post a comment or email me at aoebookstore @


  1. Questions and answers from Prince HAll clandestine Nuwaupian Grand Lodge where can I get that book from?

  2. Your library is ABUNDANT... Give Thanks for the righteous beings that know the value of Knowledge and take it Seriously. When we overstand how much has been taking from our sols journey and our spiritual walk we could see the light in such actions and FOLLOW.... Thankhs given aalways


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