May 01, 2014

So, they think they have figured out how the pyramids are built

New articles surfaced today, claiming that scientists from Amsterdam University have finally figured out how the pyramids were built, or at least a brand new theory.

They are saying, that the hieroglyphics wall, pictured above, clearly explained it. Using large wooden sledge, and person on top front of the sledge pouring water, creating dampness and binding the sand.  Thus only needing half of the energy force required to the pull the sledge.  Pure physics. 

But what the articles doesn't tell you is, that's pulling large object on flat plain of sand.  Explain dragging 2.5 ton of stone in perfect cut, aligning them to form a pyramid.  It has been said that the pyramid stones or blocks were cut so perfect that you couldn't slide a piece of paper in between.  

see the articles below

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