October 07, 2011

Inquisition vs. Dr. Malachi Z. York's case

After reading the Halloween scroll by Dr. Malachi Z. York, I notice a similarity regarding his legal case and the Inquisition.  See for yourself.  An excerpt from the book is as follow:  from page 74 - 76

The Inquisition Spread Rapidly Throughout Europe. The perversions of the Church Hierchy: The Pope, Bishops, Cardinals, Monks Etc., Along with the courts and the sadistic "Inquisitors" plunged Europe from the 13th to the 17th century into a merciless blood bath. The method used in the inquisitions maybe summed as follows: 

1) The accused was guilty until proven guilty.

2) Suspicion, gossip, or denunciation was sufficient indication of guilt to hail a person before the inquisition.

3) All offenses were considred Heresey. This justified any action taken by the inquisitors.

4) No witness was allowed to testify on behalf of the accused.

5) The accused was permitted no counsel.

6) The judge were inquisitors and they were encouraged to trick the accused into confessing.

7) The practice of torture was regularly used and could be inflicted on any witness. It was a means to discover Heresy, by Pope Innocent IV in 1257 A.D., and it was not abolished until 1816 A.D. by Pope Paul VII.

8) Legal torture could not be repeated, but it could be, and was legally continued until the accused confessed whatever was demanded of him. Three sessions of torture were usual.

9) Having confessed under torture the accused, in sight of the torture chamber, had to repeat his confession "Freely and Spontaneously, without torture!!!

10) Every acussed had to give or invent names of accomplices or those whom were suspected of Heresy.

11) Generally no appeal was countenanced.

12) The property of the accused was confiscated by the inquisition, all hopes praised this practice as one of the strongest weapons in the fight against heresy, confiscation was routine.

As a result, as all records showed (and as the inqusition even admitted), once one was accused, the chances of escaping death were almost nonexistent.

The Inquisition was used as a mean to get rid of POLITICAL THREATS and ENEMIES, to acquire LAND AND PROPERTY, and to literally force the masses into submitting to the church.

from page 74 - 76

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