October 29, 2011

Question on the Black Book

Another question was sent to me regarding the Black Book.  What's interesting about this question, it goes along with the previous question posted on this site.  Amazingly, I just not too long ago read the book which contains the answer, to my knowledge.  Anyway brother ask me about page 33 on Black Book (Sacred Records of Atum-Re)  verse 65. 

65. I have mastered one, two and three, five, and seven, and now i hold the key, that is between 1 and 9.

This questions can also be more elaborated on the book entitled "What is Nuwapu-pu?" on page 92 by Dr. Malachi Z. York

last paragraph on page 92

You are nine years old now and ready for facts and not fiction. First you were with the devil. You were a year old, born in ignorance and in a world of sin that was just waiting for you from the time you were born. When you were three years old, you inherited imagination. You learned to think against yourself and kind, images of other than self was put into your hear and soul and they became your idea of beauty. At age five, you become responsible. Then at 6 years old, you respond to the devil and become his slave, living in his image and after likeness.

At seven years old, you become religious, and they declare god's number is 7, which is the letter g, the 7th letter of the English language. At eight years old, you break away from monotheistic beliefs, Mosesism, Christism, or Muhammadism. Then you become cultural in many forms wanting to know who you are self and kind. You identify with your roots in Africa or other eastern studies that include meditation and fasting. You become conscious of your health and your body.

At this next point, You are ready to real birth to be born in Nuwau-Pu. Nine years old is a new birth. In Christianity it is called being born again, in Islam it is called Shahaadah or to bear witness. One purpose of these booklets is to help organize and put your minds in unity and order enough to quality for your own effective spiritual science called Nuwau-Pu. It will clear the fog and your single eye will re-open. Clairvoyance (Clear Vision) will return and you will see again. Nuwau-Pu and the forces and powers thereof are liberty, equality, justice, rightness, and proper survival for new beings everywhere.


Thank you for your questions.  If you have any questions, email them to me at aeoebookstore@gmail.com

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